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Squashed Fly, Free Fly

I was once an ordinary fly – but i buzzed once too often and once too annoyingly for the artist. The artist is also the main architect of the closely-guarded building I made my home. So he commanded that a beautiful painting be placed between me and the wall in such a way that though, I did stay alive, though barely so, i had lost my buzz. I understand the painting to be beautiful and worth a lot of money, and will guarantee the survival of the rest of my fly cousins. I know this because I can hear the excited buzzing of all my fly cousins out there. But stuck behind the picture, i cannot see it for myself. I resigned myself to years of burying my sorrows and anguish – and often irate and irrational complaints inside.

Then one day, a miracle happened. There was a change in the security of the building and somehow, a new team of cleaners were called in. This team, i am not sure whether intentionally or providentially or both, moved the picture a fraction so that, though I cannot escape, I managed to buzz once again.

At first my buzz was hesitant. Then it got louder. Some of my buzzing was justifiable. I admit though some of it was pure ranting. Wouldn’t you rant too, if you have been silenced for so long? Some of my better off free fly cousins got annoyed with me. They buzzed that I was not rational, that I was just making noise and being unreasonable. That the Artist and his team did not deserve our rants- they did a good job. At least we flies could find enough food and was protected from the evil world outside. On looking back, ya – i must have been extreme at times. But I wish that since I had endured years of enforced silence, they can at least tolerate my days of raving buzzing. After all I really need to ventilate.

Fortunately, there are teams of flies who are now sounding my cause. Some free flies, who were oblivious to our problems before, have begun to take notice. Some are a little shocked.

Even more importantly, I can feel the picture being shifted further – I can breathe better now.

I look forward to the day of freedom. By the way, apparently I am not alone. There are other flies like me, stuck behind other valuable paintings. And they too are excited. I have now informant flies – and they tell me so many good news. I am excited, i am hopeful.

Maybe it is time for us squashed flies to buzz a little less and give the Artist time to interact with the flies sounding our course. Even though it seems nigh impossible, maybe they can work with one another. Perhaps the Artist will one day hear our buzz as not being annoying, but just another sound in the whole symphony of fly buzz, which can serve to make better music for all.

And you know something, there is none more grateful than the blind seeing, the mute speaking, the captives set free. I think the most grateful ones will be flies like me, when those who trapped us are also going to be the ones who liberate us.

Bear with us, free flies. We will join you soon, and together, if you allow us, we will buzz a beautiful harmony, a masterpiece which will be the envy of the entire insect kingdom.


I am not pro – opposition, I am not anti –PAP, and certainly I am more a free fly than a squashed one. I believe in having, if not a co-driver, at least an alert front-seat passenger, to ensure the driver drives safely, and not fall asleep. This is written for fun, not meant to be accurate and in response to the complaint that there is too much negativism – by which I take to mean too many anti-PAP comments. I believe that after such a long time of suppressed silence, it is ok to allow people to rant. It is cathartic. But in time it has to stop. Abusive and overly aggressive comments obscure the many good points and suggestions being offered. When the time comes, both gahmen supporters and opposition voices must be calm enough to hear each other, take what is good, discard the bad, and move on as Singaporeans.


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