Rudimentary Mind Map Skills

Enough socio-political posts. Back to work.

This week Jay’s  (6yrs) comprehension passage was about having pets. Owning pets seem to be universally something that most children aspire to. Hence, though he was feeling unwell, he was fairly attentive.

However, his concentration and focus left much to be desired – mainly because he seemed to be dozy from his medication. In times like these, just talking will not cut it. I decided he needed a spot of colour on top of actual images from the net to explain what he was reading. In times like these, I am so grateful to the internet. It has made available otherwise difficult to source for pictures, (such as a hamster’s burrow),  instantly available.

There was a lot of information about hamsters in the passage. For a child his age, and given the constraint of feeling ill, I decided he was not too young to be introduced to the mind map technique of note taking. It certainly helped him with the questions asked later.

By the way, taking note of information is an important skill and is what most comprehension passages are testing. For some, a mental picture is all that is required. For others, it is just a matter of highlighting information. Mind map is a good start for young readers in particular because it is colourful, and involves action as well. Eventually, as the child grows older, he should find his own preferred mode.

We discussed various facts about the hamster that are found in the passage. Quickly I sourced the net for appropriate pictures. Then we opened the box of colour pencils and began with our art work. The following is the result.

Mind Map - All about the hamster

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