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We say…you say

We say we want integration, you say you did not ask them not to cook curry.


We say we cannot afford any increases, you say they are running a business, and they need to ensure they have a profit, even though they have not incurred any losses.


We say we want to have our house before we have children, you say we want to enjoy our lives first


We say we cannot afford more children, you say in that case, bring in the foreigners.


We say we are financially so stretched, it’s not funny, you say we need to save money as we are likely to face a downturn


We say hdb is expensive, you say it is affordable


We say there are too many foreigners, you say don’t be negative towards them, they are good for us.


We say it is disrespectful to play with your mobile phone during the singing of the national anthem, you say its enthusiasm, and lets not be divisive.


We say the poor does not have the dignity of an income that will keep body and soul together, you say unless the ministers are paid handsomely, they will have no dignity.


We say that foreigners are competing for jobs and locals are disadvantaged, you say sme s need their labour, but we find it is GLCs and big companies that employ foreigners in big numbers


We say healthcare is expensive, you give us an example that $8 was all the cash paid for a major operation


We voice our unhappiness, you say we are making noise


We say we are disadvantaged when competing with foreigners, you say competition is good for us.


We give you feedback, you say we are critical and we do not offer solutions.


We give you suggestions, you say you cannot give in to populist policies.


We do not give you feedback, you say we are apathetic.


Aiya – this is a biased, not substantiated rant, and I am a cowgirl in this cowboy town called the internet. Of course some of the things said are historical…but then like many others I have selective memory retention…so let me apologise if my memory retention has offended you.


And there are good things that have happened also lah – but that is not the subject of this rant.


You can add on more we say … you say…  in your comments. Bear in mind this is an old auntie – and I do not like expletives, swearing and cursing. So be civil, and I offer no one any explanations why your comment is not approved. Sometimes I just did not see them!


My hope in all of this is that someone out there really hears what is being said and addresses it appropriately.


Majulah Singapura.

  1. A. N. Other
    August 15, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Not happy, just vote wisely.

    If you want to give chance, then next time you tell your MP
    “Change this policy or else I don’t vote for you”

    If don’t want to give chance,
    just simply vote wisely.
    No need to explain.

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