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Integrity ah? Ne’er Mind lah – HUAT first!


WORKERS PARTY! You insincere lot. So you fielded a less worthy candidate! One that you did not even choose to be an NCMP? You scoundrels – you …you…you.


But then hor, come to think of it,PAPyou not much better leh. I feel you also cheated me wor. My MP – also not the best what. Why you ne’er give me an MP that is a minister??? Why you choose a candidate that lost in the previous election? Ya lah…. I from Potong Pasir. If you really like me so much, you should have given me a minister mah???  And last time give me last priority for upgrading? You love me, but you no show leh, so I think no count mah – right or wrong?


Eh… Png’s integrity in question ah??? Because of all the confusing talk about he don’t want to be NCMP hah? Serious issues with character issit?


But then hor, when I watch Top Shot, their selection for marksmen to be eliminated quite interesting one. There is usually an informal chit-chat amongst the members. If some one offers to be selected, it does not mean the rest will necessarily select him one. But he made his views heard. Of course, since it is a tv series- got video evidence lah. Then during the selection day, it is still up to the rest to choose who goes for elimination round. He cannot just walk up and say, “Me – I am chosen for elimination contest.”


In this case, Mr Png says he said he donch want to be NCMP. Some will hear and say – ok lah – your wish. I donch choose you lah. But others will say, (in this case, it seems only one person), Mr Png, you too good lah. Must choose you. So I choose you. So is it Mr Png’s fault ah? But then hor, no video clip coverage – so no proof. Plus he say he took his name out of the ballot box – but his name still there. Like the bak chor mee man – he say he took out the ter kwa already, but stll got one piece there – so he liar liar, pants on fire lor. So got integrity issue what.


WP – you ah – no integrity lah.


But then hor,PAPyou sometimes also liddat what? Last time Minister of National Development, Mah Bow Tan say enough housing for everyone lah – no problem one. Then not enough – got problem. Then new Minister build fasterer and build many many more. So last time minister tell truth or not?


Then last time minister of health say he only pay what? $6? $8? in cash for his heart by pass. No matter how I count also not possible. Then he explained because of medishield, medisave and medifund. He ne’er say how he can qualify for medifund leh. And how much is his premium for medishield to get such good coverage. His real cost should be all the premiums he paid for medishield or whatever health insurance, plus $6?$8? Because if he no pay the premiums, he no get the coverage mah. So is it half truth? Or he forgotten to calculate the other costs? Aiya…maybe me stupid and no no how to think lah.


Come to think of it, if the candidate not chosen for NCMP big deal meh? Gerald Giam chosen, so how? Ask him to resign to stand ah? Cannot right? So obviously must select the one who was not selected right? Or am I salah again??


More seriously, last time some people who kena ISA and are called the Marxist Conspirators – I hear hor, they are not Marxists leh. Then how come our gahmen who are so full of integrity ne’er do anything to correct this ah? You wrong, you must say sorry mah – if you men of integrity. I think hor, if you throw people in jail wrongly, you must at least ‘fess up. Then you got integrity, you are honourable. If you pretend pretend like nothing happened, I think that one more serious than whether you got put your name for selection for NCMP or not leh.


So I think left, I think right, I still think still quite ok to consider Png Eng Huat to be MP lah.


People of Hougang. Ka Ka lai – choose who you want lah. Ah Huat integrity ok lah. Ah Choo, I no go and study so you go and study lah. Choose the candidate you like lah. If you want HUAT, then choose Huat lah – no problem lah.


Happy voting! Huat on!

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